About MIP Platform

The Mentoring Integration Programme (MIP) platform is tailored to reflect individual needs gradually constructing the transition to full self-reliance. Designed as a set of tools for care professionals and mentors working with children aged +16 who are in the ageing out process, the MIP platform consists of 2 general steps:


Step 1: Assessment:

The platform presents an assessment toolkit for Leaving Care Professionals (LCPs) that enables them to assess the knowledge and skills of each care leaver on 9 pillars for Autonomous Living:

        1. Education
        2. Community participation and interpersonal relationships
        3. Health
        4. Communication and cultural awareness
        5. Career and Employment
        6. Financial and money management skills
        7. Self-determination, autonomy skills and teenagers’ development
        8. Bureaucracy, legislation and networking
        9. Housing

The process is rooted on a participatory approach as it involves the self-assessment opportunity for each care leaver.

Based on the results of the assessment, the LCPs together with the child in care will discuss and will be able to identify for which pillars the child needs further development based on the Offline Assessment toolkit.

Step 2: Guidance and Mentoring

Furthermore, the LCP through the MIP platform has access to a set of workshops and mentoring activities in each pillar and may choose those which will assist in educating and guiding the child to improve and be better prepared for the ageing-out process.