WS3_Healthy life style in adulthood

Implementation Steps

Health education will be provided through interactive group activities, including role playing, a group game with questions and answers that will lead to different results depending on the young people’s choices.

First meeting-

a.  Interactive activities to get to know each other      

b.  Discussion on physical, mental and emotional changes during adolescence period.


Second meeting-

Interactive game: questions and answers that lead to different results related to total health of the person. Role playing depends on the choices that occur via the children in care/participants.

For example, to raise awareness about the risks associated with loneliness and promote alternatives of being part of a social network (as a protective factor) the LCP can use the following video as a visual and creative discussion trigger (

The video should be screened in sections, and there should be enough time for the youth to discuss the questions with their partner(s) before watching the next part of the video.


This might be a sensitive topic for some people, so only propose this activity in groups with a certain maturity.

Third meeting- Healthy Life Choices

Playing roles and other interactive activities on healthy choices in different aspects (sexual education, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.) depending on the needs of the group of children in care.

For example:

Discussion on healthy dietary option:

Dietary options are one of the first decisions teens start making on their own. However, some teens tend to make poor food choices. In small groups the participants can discuss and analyse the food pyramid and extract information from the pictures to about good balance nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion of the workshop.